Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Are you concerned that you might have foundation problems in your Kansas City home? Although you may feel like burying your head in the sand, don’t ignore the signs. If caught early, JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing can fix your problem before it becomes a huge issue. 

 Here are some ways that our homes may tell us that there is a foundation problem.

 Exterior Cracks

While small cracks in your home’s exterior may be expected, large cracks, especially ones with a stair-step pattern, may tell you that there is something wrong with your foundation. Bricks that are protruding from the wall should also be examined. 

 Cracks that are more than ⅛ inch wide and wide on one end and narrow on the other may also cause concern. 

 Interior Cracks

Do you have cracks in your sheetrock? There are a variety of issues that may cause a wall to crack. However, if the cracks run the height of the wall or are zig-zagged, you might want to reach out to JLB. 

 Slanted Floors

Do the floors in your home slant, and are they becoming worse over time? The slope may be caused by a shifting foundation or other complex issues. Again, this is a sign that you might need professional assistance from someone who can find the cause of the problem.

 Sagging Floors or Ceilings

You may not notice that your floors are slanted, but you may see that your floors or ceilings are sagging with the naked eye. Don’t wait to call for assistance if this warning sign appears. 

Doors and windows that don’t open and close

 If you have several doors or windows that are hard to close, this may be a sign that your foundation has moved, causing the shape of the frames to distort. Stuck windows or doors with cracks in the wall above them may cause additional concern.

Call JLB immediately if you have a window or door frame that’s pulling away from a wall. 

 Cracks in Tile

Floor tiles may crack over time. However, if you have multiple cracks on your floor, this may be a sign that your foundation is shifting.

 Musty Smells in your Basement

The musty smells emanating from your basement may be from moisture seeping in through the cracks in your foundation, or it may be plumbing-related. That terrible, musty smell (or the appearance of mold or mildew) may also be from foundation problems.

 Nails Popping Out of your Drywall

“Nail pops” are small, round cracks in your walls where nails have begun to pull away from the sheetrock. Although they aren’t always a sign of foundation issues, they may be caused by wall movement. 

 Are you concerned that a hard-to-open window or a crack in your basement floor may be signs of foundation issues? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will either put your mind at ease and tell you that those issues are typical and your foundation is doing fine. On the other hand, we may tell you that you caught your foundation problems early and give you a simple fix.

 Call JLB at (816) 656-6835 to schedule a free consultation.


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