Foundation Repair. Those two words would probably cause any homeowner to panic.

But if you see signs in your home that your foundation needs repair, don’t be alarmed. The JLBs Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing team of experts will analyze the situation and find a solution to protect one of your most significant investments — your home

What are the Warning Signs that your foundation needs repair?

Some homeowners are aware that their house has “issues,” but they may not recognize that a faulty foundation may have caused the problems. Here are some of the warning signs that should cause you to call JLB for a free consultation.


Take a good look at your home’s foundation, floors, walls, and chimney. While small cracks may be expected, larger cracks may mean that you need the help of a professional. JLB’s team can analyze the cracks and determine which ones are only cosmetic issues and which gaps are cause for concern.

Doors and Windows that "Stick"

Have your doors and windows recently started to stick? This could be a sign that your foundation has shifted. The same is true if you notice any new gaps around your garage door. If multiple doors and windows aren’t functioning like they used to, call the foundation experts at JLB.

Nail Pops

Nail pops occur when nails pull away from the studs. If you see nail pops near cracks in your house, this may indicate that there was substantial movement in your drywall. 

Years of Ignoring Water Drainage

One of the biggest culprits of foundation issues in Missouri is ignoring how water drains away from your home. If your property has non-functioning gutters and the soil is not appropriately graded around the house, heavy rains and the saturated soil may have caused pressure on your foundation walls. If you know that your foundation has been strained due to harsh weather conditions, call JLB.

Possible Foundation Repair Solutions

If your home or business shows warning signs of having foundation issues, JLB has the solution for you. Here are four possible solutions that have worked for thousands of Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood homeowners in the past.

Wall Bracing

JLB can install steel braces to hold up your walls that are under pressure from a damaged foundation.

Anchoring Systems

Foundation wall anchoring systems permanently stabilize and strengthen foundation walls

Push Piers

Push piers will stabilize a foundation that has settled. They are used when the soil under a structure can no longer uphold the weight.

Crack Repair

JLB’s team can analyze the cracks and determine which ones are only cosmetic issues and which gaps are cause for concern.