What is the benefit of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

JLB is one of the Premier Kansas City Foundation Repair Companies – our customer reviews and testimonials prove this. However, we at JLB offer a wide variety of services to KC homeowners, including crawl space encapsulation.

 Let’s discuss this service, as this could be a critical means of waterproofing your home and maintaining the structure’s integrity. 

 We’re guessing that you dread entering your home’s crawl space. The name alone may cause a person with claustrophobic tendencies to hyperventilate. However, your fear of tight quarters will be the least of your worries if water begins to collect in this area below your home.

 Stagnant, sitting water draws mosquitoes and provides an excellent place for mold to grow. And water that sits against your home’s foundation and structure can cause damage that can only be repaired by a reputable foundation repair company like JLB.

 To avoid foundation cracks or foundation repair in Overland Park, KS, or throughout the Kansas City Metro area, we would like to encourage you to have JLB install a crawl space encapsulation system called the JLB Foundation Vapor Wall. 

 The JLB Foundation Vapor Wall is made of multi-layer material that is applied directly onto the crawl space’s dirt floor and continues up your foundation walls. The seams are sealed to create an impenetrable barrier against moisture. 

The Benefits of Installing a JLB Foundation Vapor Wall in Your Crawl Space

There are many benefits to installing a JLB Foundation Vapor Wall in your Missouri or Kansas home crawlspace. Besides the obvious benefit of reducing the amount of water particles that enter your home, it will also improve your home’s air quality. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard during the hot summer months to remove the humidity from your home.

 The installation of the JLB Foundation Vapor Wall will also enable you to use the space more efficiently for storage. 

 Since we are foundation repair experts, we have seen the results of what happens when homeowners ignore this essential part of their home’s structure. Our Vapor Wall will reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to hire us in the future to do foundation repair on your Lee’s Summit MO home.

Why JLB?

JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing is a locally-owned and operated company. Our owner, Josh Bultmann, knows the type of soil around Kansas City and uses that knowledge to create strategies to protect the foundation of all kinds of buildings. 

 Our leadership and crews have hundreds of hours of training. They are certified to complete foundation repair, crack, repair, basement waterproofing, home drainage solutions, mudjacking, grading, and, of course, crawl space encapsulation. Schedule the Installation of a JLB Foundation Vapor Wall Our crews are ready to enter your home’s crawl space. It’s what we do. Contact us by calling (816) 656-6835

 Our service areas include the entire Missouri side of the Kansas City Metro area and Johnson and Leavenworth counties in Kansas.


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