What is Foundation Repair?

What is Foundation Repair?

Some homeowners see foundation cracks and automatically assume that they need foundation repair on their Kansas City home. While cracks are certainly one sign that you might have foundation issues, there are other symptoms that homeowners should know.

Signs Your Home Might Have Foundation Issues

Let’s learn more about the signs you might need foundation repair services from JLB.


Large cracks in your home’s foundation, floors, walls, and chimney are signs that something may be wrong with your home’s foundation. However, it takes a professional to analyze which cracks are only cosmetic issues and which cracks are signs of serious trouble.

Doors and Windows that Stick

While having one sticky door or window may not be a cause of concern, multiple doors and windows that recently started to stick may be symptoms of a bigger problem. Also, check out your garage door. Do you notice any new gaps? 

 Sticky doors and windows, along with large cracks, are sure signs of foundation issues. 

Nail Pops

One sign of foundation issues that is often overlooked is the nail “pop.” A nail pop refers to nails pulling away from the studs. The movement of the drywall usually causes a nail pop.

Water Drainage Issues

We know that there are a million things you would rather buy than guttering systems for your home, and cleaning out your gutters is never fun to do. However, ignoring how water drains away from your home may cause you to have foundation issues down the road.

 If you have ignored the grading around your home and the condition of your gutters for years, you shouldn’t be surprised if your home starts to show other signs of foundation issues.

Possible Solutions to a Faulty Foundation

We’ve given you some signs that you might have issues with your home’s foundations. The good news is that JLB can help you find the right solution for your situation. 

Wall Bracing Solution

JLB’s Wall Bracing Solution may help slow lateral wall movements in your home, but it may need to be accompanied by another system to fix the problem completely. With this solution, a team of trained experts will install steel braces to hold up the walls under pressure from a damaged foundation.

Anchoring Systems

Anchoring systems installed by JLB will permanently stabilize and strengthen your home’s foundation walls.

Push Piers

A push pier system is used when the soil under the foundation can no longer uphold the weight of the structure.

Contact JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Does your home have some of the signs of a faulty foundation? Don’t bury your head in the sand. Instead, give JLB Foundation Repair a call. 

 One benefit of working with our company is that we can help you keep minor problems from becoming major problems. And if we do find that your home has significant foundation issues, we can find the right solution for your situation so that (with a bit of maintenance) it never happens again.

 JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing is a locally-owned and operated company that services most of the Kansas City Metro area.


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