Why Home Drainage Solutions Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

We’re sorry to have to break this to you. But, unfortunately, if you ignore your home’s gutters and the landscaping around your foundation, you might eventually have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

 We know there are many things you would rather do than think about your home’s drainage system, but paying attention to how rainwater drains away from your home is essential to maintaining the foundation of your house.

 As the premier foundation repair company in Kansas City, we have seen the result of what happens when homeowners stick their heads in the sand. As a result, we now provide services that will keep your Kansas City basement dry and your foundation stable.

How JLB’s Home Drainage Solutions Can Protect Your Home

As you can imagine, there’s a lot that goes into having a properly-functioning home drainage system. That’s why you need to contact the best foundation repair company in Kansas City. JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing is your one-stop shop for protecting and repairing your home’s foundation. 

 Having a properly-functioning home drainage system is essential for Missouri homeowners. The combination of clay soil and periodic heavy rains (and snow) may cause standing water near your home foundation if you aren’t careful.

 Give us a call at 816-656-6835 to schedule a free consultation. We will make sure that the water is draining away from your home as it should, so you don’t have to call us later for foundation repairs. 

Possible Solutions to Your Water Drainage Issues

When our team of experts visits your property, we will analyze your current landscaping to see where potential problems might arise. From there, we will create a simple, cost-effective solution to eliminating water drainage problems. 

 Some of those solutions might be downspout divisions. We might recommend adding topsoil around your home’s foundation or adding a culvert on the property. All erosion-control measures will be considered, and your home will be properly graded.

Sump Pump Installation in Kansas City

Since JLB is also a basement waterproofing company, we can also complete a sump pump installation on your Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, or Kansas City home. This backup system will ensure that your basement won’t get flooded when heavy spring rains drench the Midwest. 

What Can Happen If You Ignore How Water Affects Your Home

Unfortunately, if you ignore the grading of the soil around your home, you will eventually face a foundation repair that will cost you thousands of dollars. When you work with JLB, your home’s foundation will be protected. Additionally, a proper home drainage system will also preserve the life of your sidewalk, patio, and driveway. 

 By the way–it would be a mistake to think that you don’t have to worry about your home drainage system because you built a new house. Unfortunately, many home builders ignore the grading around a new home. Left ignored, a new home may require foundation repair over time.

Prevent Foundation Damage by Calling JLB

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Even though Franklin probably wasn’t talking about home drainage solutions, this quote applies to what we do.

 Contact JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing today to make sure your home is properly graded.


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