4 Tips for Keeping Your Basement Dry

Most Midwesterners look forward to spring –unless you are a homeowner with a leaky basement. 

 If you typically spend your spring bailing water out of your basement and borrowing dehumidifiers from your family and friends, perhaps it is time to schedule a consultation with JLB. We offer many services, including basement waterproofing. 

 Please don’t delay in reaching out to us. Not only will we help you enjoy spring again by keeping your basement dry, but we can also prevent you from having to contact us in a few years for foundation repair services. Additionally, your family’s health can be at risk if you ignore your leaky basement. 

4 Solutions for a Wet Basement

When you contact JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing, we will examine your property to determine the possible causes of your problem. Then, we will offer (possibly) several solutions to ensure that your basement stays dry the next time rain is in the forecast.

 Here are four possible solutions for your wet basement:

Home Drainage System

You need a properly functioning drainage system on and around your home. This means you need functioning gutters and well-designed landscaping to keep standing water away from your foundation. After all, when that water has no place to go, it will enter your basement. 

 JLB can design a home drainage system that will force water away from your home. We are a local company, which means we understand how heavy Midwest storms and clay soil can be disastrous for Missouri and Kansas homeowners who don’t have a plan to divert water from their foundations. 

 Our crews will complete all the work for your new drainage system. However, even though this may help the problem, additional methods may be required to keep your basement dry. 

Waterproofing Systems

The JLB Deep-Drain Waterproofing System is the ideal solution for collecting water and diverting it to your home’s sump pump (more on installing a sump pump later). Like the name implies, this system collects water below the surface of the floor, which stops the cracks in your basement from leaking. 

 We may recommend additional solutions to our Deep-Drain Waterproofing System, such as vapor barriers, drain wells, downspout extenders, and of course, grading.

Sump Pumps

You may already have a sump pump in your basement. But, JLB will ensure you have the right system for your needs. We will make sure your sump pump is installed correctly. We may also recommend an upgraded system with additional features like an ice shield, bubbler pot, battery back-up, and a water alarm.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are multiple reasons why you should purchase crawl space encapsulation in your home. Not only will it create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, but it will also increase the usable storage space in your home. 

Contact JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Quit dreading springtime in Kansas City! Instead, prepare your home for spring rains by contacting JLB. We know all there is to know about foundations, basements, and home drainage. Our crews are also trained in crack repair and mudjacking. 


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