Can You Repair Your Foundation in the Winter?

Yes, you can have your foundation repaired during the winter. In fact, you may be making a mistake if you wait until spring for needed repairs.

Signs You Need a Professional to Look at Your Foundation

Here are some signals your home might give you if it needs foundation repairs.

  • Cracks in your home’s foundation, walls, floors, or chimney
  • New problems with doors and windows
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Cracked or bulging brick or masonry
  • Musty odors or mold/mildew in your basement
  • Bowing or bulging walls
  • Nail pops (when the nails pull away from the studs)

You may notice a couple of these problems, or you might be able to check every item off the list. However, it’s worth noting that the longer you wait to address these problems, the more expensive the repairs and restoration becomes.

Reasons Foundation Repair in the Winter is Possible

Homeowners often wait for spring and warmer weather to complete major household projects. While warm weather may be a requirement for the roofing industry, it isn’t the case for the foundation repair industry. 

Even though KC is known for cold winters, the frost doesn’t penetrate too deep into the soil. Also, the heat from your home transfers into the surrounding soil – making it possible to penetrate with professional equipment. 

Additionally, not all winters in Kansas City are the same. Some years we barely get snow – making outdoor work possible throughout most of the winter. Of course, people who work in our industry are always weather-aware. Therefore, we always consider the weather when we recommend a solution.

Finally, you might not have the luxury of waiting until spring to repair the damage. You may need to complete projects before snow thaw and spring rains cause more problems. Or, you may be in the process of selling your home and need a project completed before you can close.

Reputable foundation repair companies will tell you if you need to (or can) wait for warmer weather to complete a project. After all – reputable foundation companies offer warranties on their services, so the owners want to ensure the solution they provide works for the long term.

For Foundation Repair in Kansas City, Contact JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

The team at JLB Foundation Repair has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. And because we are a local company, we understand the unique needs of Kansas City homeowners.

Our area is tricky. Clay soil mixed with periods of drought followed by extreme saturation can cause a lot of foundation problems. That’s why we offer solutions perfect for the area, including:

  • Push Piers
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Wall Bracing 
  • Crack Repairs

We also offer basement waterproofing solutions and mudjacking.

JLB Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing has three locations in the Metro area in Kansas City, MO; Leawood, KS; and Kearney, MO. We serve the entire KC Metro and offer free consultations and estimates. Fill out the contact form to get started.